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Aktualisiert: 30. Apr. 2023

Just very recently we asked Raed Andoni ,Berlin Ale Winner of Best Documentary Film, Ghost Hunting; "How do you feel about the lockdown?" of which we recorded the entire conversation at a Zoom meeting (see the link below), here is his response :

"As a Palestinian, I feel at home , I feel energised for having my survival soul being awakened, maybe this is sick but ask the people in Palestine they feel the same, Palestine has been under a lock down for ages, we are almost addicted to live like this under emergency situations in a war", he loughs:)

Rest of our conversation follows with Raed drawing similarities on his work with the theater of the oppressed, he talks of his unique technique in film-making of restorying and re-narrating his unpleasant memories into good ones. With the reenactments of his imprisonment experience, he talks on the processes of his own transformation from the need to authority to the need of co-creation. He reflects on his major motivations in making this film which he treats as a psychoanalytical tool and as a platform creation for ex-prisoners to share and express their emotions. He tells the backstage stories behind their ghost hunting, of some moments and incidences that did not make it to the film. He concludes with how he has managed to change the hurtful past into a story of strength, resilience and triumph that came with great pride, glory and most importantly with healing.

His film Ghost Hunting is dedicated to 5,000 Palestinians who are currently inside the Israeli prisons, including 43 women and 180 children, 430 in administrative detention, 700 patients, 200 suffering from chronic diseases.

Thank you for participating from all around the world and making this happen!!

In solidarity and peace,



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