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Shahram Khosravi Professor of Anthropology at Stockholm University has delivered a powerful and moving keynote speech at our ETHNOKINO’s 6th season of ethnographic films, during the gala screening of Global Science Film Festival. He addressed bordering practices rather than borders, and spoke of the right to opacity as a civilian act of resistance. Rather than the need to understand the other as a colonial demand he highlights how the colonial defines the other; as less, stateless, documentless, the lessnessness disqualifying the many from participation as political actors. He highlights a politics of the impossibility of seeing the other in her full visibility and in her humanity. Only death, qualifies the border transgressors to be visible , and of those survivors always to be punished. He speaks of decolonizing the gaze which is not a neutral act -predetermined by hierarchies, he calls anthropologists to undiscipline and reposition themselves in the ways they use terminologies, concepts and in the ways they (un)see the world, he warns not to fall into the potential trap of victimizing victimhood. Depicted in Jean Paul Sartre’s short play “Hell is the other people” and yet border crossing is a “refusal to be refused”.

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