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ETHNOKINO Virtual film gathering series during times of quarantene are going quite inspiring. We had an incredibly fruitful discussion after the film screening of SUSPENSION with nearly all the film crew members being present as they connected to Switzerland from Colombia.The experience felt like being in a single living room having a late evening (in the parallel world, an early morning) talk with good friends:) Simon's film inquired how the state is built through infrastructure alongside the disasters and tragedies it caused, he says this is a "different kind of story, of the state".

His film based on his longitudinal doctorate research (funded by the Wenner Gren Foundation) is also accompanied by a book , for those who would like to know more :

Stay tuned for the next virtual gathering of our upcoming one night only screening. This time we will be hosted at the living room of Tibetan Filmmakers to watch and talk about "Rituals of Resistance". Date and time to be announced soon.

Virtual gathering with the filmmakers being present online.


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