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Film: SPIRIT OF WATER Genre: Documentary, Experimental, Short Director: Fernando SIlva De La Cruz Country: Chile Year: 2021 Length: 3 minutes Version: Silent Nature is a divine mystery, born from a water ripple that breaks like a big-bang to create life as we know it; diverse beings that coexist in rivers, forests, oceans, mountains and even among the clouds. From the smallest to the largest, from the simplest to the most complex; all life meets around the spirit of water.

10_Spirit of Water (short).png
11_Amala (feature).png

Film: AMALA Genre: Documentary Film Director: Geleck Palsang Country: USA  Year: 2022 Length: 50 mins Version: Tibetan with English Subtitles This film tells the story of the Dalai Lama’s younger sister Jetsun Pema, her struggles, loss and success that earned her the epithet Amala or ‘mother’. Using rare footage from her historic visit to Tibet in 1980, the film also gives insight on the state of education inside Tibet. After her sister died, she took charge of the Nursery for Tibetan Refugee Children in a small town in northern India. Under her leadership, the nursery transformed into one of the most successful Tibetan refugee schools – the Tibetan Children’s Village schools (TCV). Film Screening Followed by a Q&A with Jetsun Pema and Geleck Palsang, accompanied by Tibetan musician Loten Namling’s (TCV graduate) music performance.

22A_Under the White Mask (short).png

Film: UNDER THE WHITE MASK Genre: Documentary, Experimental Director: Matthias De Groof Country: Belgium Year: 2020 Length: 9 minutes Version: Lingala with English Subtitles Based on fragments of “Under the Black Mask”, a 1958 film by the Belgian artist Paul Haesaerts, this new film imagines what the masks, now subjects, would say. Aimé Césaire’s “Discourse on Colonialism” is spoken in Lingala for the first time.This speech is still a critical mirror for Europe.

22B_Indestructibles (short).png

Film: INDESTRUCTIBLES Genre: International Fiction Directors: José Bautista, Alfons Rodríguez, Xavier Aldekoa Country: Spain Year: 2022 Length: 76 mins Version: With English Subtitles Indestructibles explores seven stories of boys and girls, to reflect on the challenges and achievements of Africa, the continent of the future. With a median age of 18, in less than a decade, almost half of the children born in the world will be African.

23A_Expired (short).jpg

Film: EXPIRED Genre: Documentary Film, Short Director: Mohammed Abdeen Country: Syria Year: 2022 Length: 6 mins Version: Arabic with English subtitles In the Middle East, it is shameful for young women to publish their pictures on social media. If they do, they may be exposed to domestic violence.


Film: SUMMER, CITY AND A CAMERA Genre: Documentary Film, Short Director: Anas Zwahri Country: Syria Year: 2022 Length: 22 minutes 37 seconds Version: Arabic with English subtitles Summer 2021, in Damascus city, some young emerging directors roamed the city's streets to follow their dreams and shoot their first movies with the simplest available tools. so, the city would open her arms and hug them day and night with her streets and neighborhoods.

23B_summer, city and camera (short).png

Film: Transition - Xbuk Alo? Genre: Documentary Director: Aron Marty & Andi Bänziger Country: Switzerland Year: 2019 Length: 10 minutes 29 seconds Version: Eritrean & German with English 'Transition – Xbuk Alo?' portrays the everyday work of Eritrean barber Amanuel Ghebrekidan in downtown Zurich, Switzerland. At Manus Barber Shop ('Coiffeur Manu') professionalism encounters fun, young meets old, (Swiss-)German gets mixed up with the Semitic languages Tigrinya and Amharic. 'Habesha' people recently arrived in Europe come upon Eritrean and Ethiopian old-timers settled in Switzerland for decades. And right in the middle of it: 'Coiffeur Manu' and his armada of razors and instruments, taking care of his customers' curls, beards and dreads. Always a winning smile on his face, a joke on his lips and the satisfaction of his customers in mind: "Xbuk alo?...Perfect!"

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Film: TEN BY TEN Genre: Documentary, Short, Ethnographic Director: Jami L.Bennett Country: UK Year: 2021 Length: 29 minutes 16 seconds Version: Korean and English There is no denying the evocative power of food to remind us of who we are and where we come from. After living in Asia for over fifteen years, my sister Jessica was longing for the burgers and barbecue of her native Tennessee.With the help of her husband Dongseop, Jessica opened an American-style diner out of her home on Jeju Island, South Korea in 2018. But after being featured on one of the country’s most popular television shows, the couple must now adjust to the shock of their newfound TV fame, the crowds of curious new customers it brings, and all this against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.Exploring themes of food, home, identity, and celebrity, Ten by Ten is an intimate portrait of Jessica’s journey through these events as she learns to navigate the blurred boundaries between private life and public persona.

Ten by Ten_poster#2_EthnoKino_laurels.jpg

Film: HOME FOR HUMANITY Genre: Documentary Film / Non Fiction Filmmakers: Eda Elif Tibet & Cihan Elci Country: Switzerland Year: 2022 Length: 60 Minutes Version: English “The Earth is burning. Our home is on fire. The future lies in our hands”. Every human being has the potential to become an Agent of Transformation, every home to become a seedbed for societal renewal,and every culture to contribute to an inclusive Earth Home.​Together, we can manifest this potential.​Together, we can transform our divided world into a united home for the family of life.​ This is the story of Home for Humanity , an unending "Quest for Humanity" follows the life of two visionaries Alexander Schieffer and Rama Mani building a transformative movement of humanity and an Earth Civilization.

25_Home for Humanity (feature) 2.png

Film: LIGHT UPON LIGHT Genre: Documentary Film / Non-Fiction Director: Christian Suhr Country: Denmark Year: 2020 Length: 60-90 Minuten Version: with English Subtitles A philosophical fieldtrip into the mystical traditions of Islam, exploring what light means as a religious concept in post-revolutionary Egypt. One day, his Egyptian friend gave Danish anthropologist Christian Suhr a good piece of advice: Stop focusing on all the darkness in the world, and look at the light instead. Suhr takes the advice and travels through Egypt to understand what light means to the people he meets along the way.

26_Lighy upon light (feature) 2.png

Film: DETACHED Genre: Documentary Film / Non-Fiction Director: Vladimir Krivov Country: Russian Federation Year: 2020 Length: 64 minutes Version: Russian with English Subtitles “The Detached” is a monologue of one Chukchi man and of the whole ethnic group at the same time. It’s a story of their life, Motherland, and also of the things that cause the Chukchi to break away from their roots. This film is a possible projection of our future, as by choosing the blessings of civilization, we risk losing ourselves. Is there a way to get out of the "blizzard"? It seems that the Chukchi know the answer...

32_Sacro Moderno (feature).png

Film: SACRO MODERNO Genre: Documentary film / Non-Fiction Director: Lorenzo Pallotta Country: Italy Year: 2021 Length: 70 mins Version: Italian with English subtitles Simone is a young man with hesitations and new awareness, bringing forward traditions and memories of a small mountain community that is slowly fading away, while Filippo is trying to distance himself from all of it, spiritually and mentally.


Film: I AM AFRO GREEK Genre: Documentary Film / Video Essay Director: Adeola Naomi Aderemi Country: Greece Year: 2022 Length: 20 Minuten Version: Greek with English Subtitles In order for Greece to deal with the pervasive inequality that stems from anti-black rhetoric, Greece as a country needs to address its multicultural reality and engage in racial dialogue with its Afro Greek citizens. This can begin by acknowledging the demographic diversity in all social spheres. In this Afro Greek portraiture film, the lack of visibility and inclusion of Greeks of African descent in the dominant narrative of Greece are highlighted. Black Greeks / Afro Greeks, despite that some now have legal citizenship, are still being seen as foreigners or even referred to as immigrants in the country of their birth and upbringing.

33_A I AM AFRO GREEK (short).png

Film: THE CREATION OF THE WORLD Genre: Animation Film Director: Antonio Coello Country: Mexico Year: 2019 Length: 10 minutes Version: VOST E The creation myth is adapted into an animated short film made by Seri indigenous children and elders.

33A_The Creation of the World (short).png

Film: SEVEN RIDGES Genre: Fiction Film / Indigenous / Musical / Experimental Director: Antonio Coello Country: Mexico Year: 2022 Length: 1 hour 15 minutes Version: English Subtitles In a desert by the sea, an ancient culture endures modernity. A grandmother and her granddaughter intertwine in estrangement over memory. The myth sheds controversy; time falls in dreams of sand, old songs and rock music.First full-length feature drama to be ever produced in Cmiique Iitom (Seri language).

34_Sietefilos_Seven Ridges (feature).png
35A_Divided Still (short).png

Film: DIVIDED STILL Genre: Documentary film Director: Antonis Pouliasis Country: Cyprus Year: 2022 Length: 22 minutes Version: with English Subtitles In February 2020, the crossing points that allow contact between Cyprus’ separated communities, closed for the first time, almost two decades after their opening. The reason given was the effective management of the covid-19 pandemic. The closure ruptured relationships and deeply affected people’s lives, which have been built across the divide. These are their stories.

35B_Murmurs of the Jungle (short).png

Film: MURMURS OF THE JUNGLE Genre: Documentary Film / Short / Experimental Director: Sohil Vaidya Country: India Year: 2021 Length: 20 minutes Version: with English Subtitles A boy recites a story told to him by his grandmother about the origins of their remote indigenous village in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. As the mysterious morning slowly unfolds, spirits wander in the forest, and dark secrets buried in time slowly emerge. The trees whisper tales of the Gods and the ancestors. They say that you don't die. Your spirit assimilates into the jungle. And while civilization, its beliefs, and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth continue, the forest stands eternal. A bridge between the old and the new.

36_Qazi (feature).png

Film: QAZI Genre: Fiction Film Directors: Anil Fastenau, Jakob Gehrmann Country: Pakistan & Germany Year: 2021 Length: 80 mins Version: German, Urdu with English Subtitles Qazi is the story of a young Pakistani refugee who is forced by economic and family circumstances to seek his fortune in Europe. As a rickshaw driver, he has limited skills but winds up in Germany driving tourists around town in a bicycle rickshaw and selling flowers. After his arrival in Germany, he applies for asylum but is rejected. Misfortune never comes singly, and Qazi finds out that his mother is in need of a kidney operation. The family needs money and Qazi, being in Europe, is expected to raise it. But he doesn’t know how.Desperate to get enough money for the operation he borrows 15.000 € from Ray a gangster with shady businesses. Ray demands from Qazi that he work as a male prostitute in his escort service. Being a practicing Muslim, he is suddenly confronted with an alien society and its cultural values. Qazi finds himself with a troubled conscience and goes through a metamorphosis. Prostituting himself, he believes he is helping his mother and that he can eventually return to Pakistan. Destiny, however, has some other plans for him.

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