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A performative creative discourse by visionaries from around the world, Vision Talks will make use of various storytelling modalities based on real-life experiences. On stage, speakers will connect with the audience by presenting their ground-breaking visionary projects and inspirational perspectives on life. The event concludes with a panel discussion and Q&A moderated by EK.


An Award of Recognition as the INSPIRING VISIONARIES goes to an entrepreneurial duo Martina Wiedemar and João Almeida, whose vision is to co-create a sustainable and regenerative village; The Gandum village. They have started by implementing an agroforest on 14ha where they are located in Portugal, planting tens of thousands of trees and seeds, aiming to restore the deserted soil and bring back life to an uninhabited landscape, while producing healthy and sustainable food for the village. Upon its completion (2023) the Gandum Village aims to host people from all walks of life whom could visit, stay, learn and even live for longer periods. What makes their project innovative and visionary are the aspects of their courage (as they move from Martina's birthplace, Bern, to the countryside of Portugal) and their commitment in beginning a challenging but rewarding self-sustainable life by growing their own food and raising animals are outstanding. We recognize their courage and commitment for bringing the best of collective leadership as they are to build a wider transnational community for a more restorative earth society right in the heart of the Mediterranean homeland of longings (Saudades-Fado) supporting it’s great culinary and traditional heritage.


An Award of Recognition as INSPIRING VISIONARIES goes to the masters of transformation Dr. Rama Mani and Prof. Alexander Schieffer who dedicated their lives to integral and holistic development and justice for humans, their communities and the family of life. Within a trailblazing uniquely home-based pedagogy they have established HOME FOR HUMANITY in their actual home in Haut Valromey in France and as a global vision. Tirelessly, they are working towards igniting a planetary social movement which believes every person, every home and every culture to have the potential to become a catalytic seedbed for transformation for a more just, inclusive and regenerative earth civilisation. Followed by thousands of emerging changemakers from universities and social change initiatives and organisations from literally all continents, they are recognised by and co-creating with many established change pioneers and regenerative leaders of our times. Rama and Alexander, along with their HomeForHumanity dream team, are just about to shift the paradigm from “the love of power to the power of love” - which we cannot wait to see and experience to happen.


An Award of Recognition as the "INSPIRING MEDIA VISIONARIES" goes to Coskun Aral,Murat Toy and Senol Sen as HABITAT TV for co-creating innovative and unconventional content coverage within Turkey. Through their adaptation of a wide array of representations from diverse backgrounds and storytellers, we recognise that they fully live up to their motto "a new living space" for documentary films. We acknowledge their courage to encourage inclusivity and diversity as they operate within a highly challenged industry, which they are determined to transform.


An Award of Recognition as the INSPIRING ANTHROPOLOGIST goes to Dr. Peter Bille Larsen for his long-term critical research engagement work in cracking sustainability challenges of our times. We recognise his policy oriented; scholarly-action-fieldwork engagement in the Peruvian Amazon and Vietnam which he practices with much integrity. We congratulate his commitment to influence international policies for social equity and environmental sustainability as he tirelessly defends environmental defenders, working towards the visibility of unheard peoples from heritage sites across the world .

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