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18 June 2022: Concert by Porok Karpo

As part of the EthnoKino Film Festival 2021 "Beyond Asymmetries" we enjoyed a wonderful Concert by Porok Karpo at Mahagony Hall Bern. With: Loten Namling (Vocal & Dranyen-Tibetan Lute), Alvin Schwaar (Piano & Synthesiser), Philipp Moll (Bass), Muso Stamm (Percussions)

20 June 2022: Concert by Çiçek Taksi


“Cicek Taksi!” (“flower taxi”) is what the mother of singer Selin Dettwiler used to shout when she picked up 
her daughter at the train station. Years later, this childhood memory gave the name to their band project. The singer plays together with Kaspar Eggimann (accordion), Simeon Schwab (clarinet) and Bidu Rüegsegger (contrabass). As chance would have it, many of the poems and songs that the group adapts in their music take place in gardens.

On the final day of EthnoKino Film Festival 2021 "Beyond Asymmetries" we had a wonderful concert and brunch at Matchbox, Villa Stucki. Thank you again.

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