ETHNOKINO is an ethnographic film program curated by an association of Bern based anthropologists, taking place in one of the most atmospheric cinema in Switzerland at "Kino in der Reitschule". More than just "documenting the real" visual anthropology makes full and sometimes experimental use of the potential of film in the quest to frame and experience manifestations of life from different cultural and political vantage points.




Anthropological Relevance/Ethnographic Innovation:

In what ways is the given film relevant to current trends in, or make significant contributions to, the anthropological study of visual communication? 

Curatorial Theme or Discourse Fit:

Will your film be useful in facilitating meaningful discussion, reflection, and critique of the issues raised in Anthropology today or by the ETHNOKINO curatorial theme that aims at specific discourses?


Technical Quality:


Is your film well edited, and will it be audio-visually engaging for the audience? Does it have a strong storytelling style?