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Bodies in Alliance

“No one body establishes the space of appearance, but this action, this performative exercise happens only “between” bodies. [...] In this way, my body does not act alone, when it acts politically."

- Judith Butler

Butler emphasises that political claims are made by bodies as they appear and act, as they refuse and as they persist - including therefore people without access to a political space, living in precarity. According to her, any allied bodies can bring about their own space of appearance.

In this season we will explore the social and political dimensions bodies hold. Therefore we will show and discuss documentaries which portray or collaborate with people and groups that are claiming or creating access to political spaces: We see bodies moving and performing, bodies coming together, pushing boundaries, transforming and striving for change.


Kino Reitschule / entrance free (Kollekte)

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10:00 - 11:30 

11:30 - 13:30 

13:30 - 15:30 

Shorts "Bodies in Alliances"

Brunch at Sous Le Pont

Student Shorts and Q&A

Let’s celebrate the end of the season! In the morning we present short films that explore the perceptions of bodies: How do we look at our own bodies and how are our bodies looked at and regulated by others, by beauty standards, institutions or the state?

The brunch marks the end of the season and sets the start for the format StudentShorts, where novices in ethnographic filmmaking present their work.

For joining the Brunch we would appreciate a solidarity contribution of 10 francs per person.


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Apéro: 19.00 + Film (SP/EN): 20:00

+ Discussion with Filmmakers (EN)

​​Colectivo Super Cuy | Ecuador | 2021 | 61min 
Isolated between Andine valleys, the inhabitants of Nabón hold answers to the civil crisis humanity is going through. Many embrace the ancestral cosmovision “Buen Vivir”, whose core is the harmonic relation with nature and community. However, this worldview is increasingly threatened by the gearwheel of modernity.

Thursday 03 March 20:00: La Primera Puerta

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​​​Sameer Qumsiyeh | Palestine | 2019 | 80min
Sameer documents his travels as a backpacker defying the restrictions of movement imposed on him as a holder of the palestinian passport. He forms connections with wanderers, refugees and different communities and reflects about the struggles of facing physical and non-physical barriers and their sense of freedom.

Doors: 19.30 + Film (AR/EN): 20:00

+ Discussion with Filmmaker (EN)

Thursday 17 March 20:00: Walled Citizen

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Thursday 31 March 20:00: Jiyan: La Vie

​​​​Otis Birdy | Switzerland | 2020 | 60min
Inspired by a true story, 'Jiyan: life' tells the story of Nerol, a 17 year old Syrian Kurd who arrived in Switzerland without his parents. He spends his winter in anguish and insomnia because of his past and the situation of his mother who stayed in the country, then in conflict. An event in collaboration with SCI Switzerland.

Doors: 19.30 + Film (FR/EN): 20:00

+ Discussion with Filmmaker (EN)

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Thursday 14 April 20:00: Threshold

​​​​​​Coracì Ruiz | Brazil | 2020 | 77min
Coracì Ruìz follows the gender transition of her adolescent son. During three years she accompanies his search for identity, showing the conflicts that come along with it. She desires to break through outdated paradigms, facing her fears and prejudices and reflects upon her and her mothers fight for womanhood.

Doors: 19.30 + Film (PT/EN): 20:00

+ Discussion with Filmmaker (EN)

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Thursday 28 April 20:00: Pushing Boundaries

​​​​​​​​Lesia Kordonets | Switzerland | 2020 | 100min
Pushing Boundaries follows an ensemble of the Ukrainian Paralympic team, whose training center is located on Crimean peninsula, since 2014 occupied by Russia. We get glimpses of lifeworlds deeply affected by the conflict and experience human beings pushing the limits of their own bodies while dealing with the sudden shifts and ruptures.

Doors: 19.30 + Film (UK/EN): 20:00

+ Discussion with Filmmaker (EN)

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Thursday 12 May 20:00: No Apologies

​​​​​​​​​​Aladin Dampha / Ebuka Anokwa / Lionel Rupp / Lucas Grandjean / Lucas Morëel / Mamadou Bamba | Switzerland | 2019 | 49min
No Apologies describes the state of physical and mental siege of black people living in precarious conditions in Lausanne. Masked or barefaced, they bear witness to their personal journey, their struggle for everyday survival and police brutality, thus questioning their place in Swiss society that considers them as pariahs.

Doors: 19.30 + Film (FR/EN): 20:00

+ Discussion with Filmmakers (EN)

As always: Kino in der Reitschule, English-friendly, entrance free (Kollekte) 

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