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Yumo Cheng


Yumo Cheng 成禹墨 (she/her/they/them) is a filmmaker, performer and artist now based in Berlin. After graduating from the University of Zurich in Literaturwissenschaft, living at the intersection of queer feminists, Asian immigrants, and Kink positive, Yumo began to conceptualise her life experiences with humour and absurdity. She lives a performance art lifestyle. Art practice is not only her survival methodology as well as her armour in the bloody fight against GREAT censorship and Social Norms. Through her works, she tries to scream out the unspeakable, to trigger the forgotten, to manifest the ignored. 

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Yumo is the curator for New Gen Berlin Film Festival. Yumo’s films were selected by many international film festivals and her artworks and performances were shown in China, Switzerland, and Germany. 

Project Abstract: Stay (AP) is a mockumentary/docudrama that explores the challenging housing search experience for Bipoc migrants in major European cities. The film follows a real rental process, incorporating interviews from both tenants and landlords. Highlighting the critical role of housing as the initial step for migrants, the film sheds light on significant immigration and social issues that emerge during the housing search. Through personal narratives, Stay (AP) seeks to evoke resonance, spark discussions on housing challenges, and advocate for policy reforms by transforming individual grievances into gentle, humorous, and profound stories.


Social Media: @yumolovehouse


Yumo Cheng
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