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Surbhi Dewan


Brief Bio: Surbhi is an independent film director, writer & producer. Her films explore intersections between socio-political conflict, displacement, memory and personhood. Surbhi’s most recent film Trans Kashmir (2022) is a feature length documentary about the beauty, resilience and hardships faced by the transgender community of Kashmir. She wrote and directed her first fiction short An Open Sky (2020) during the lockdown. Her other notable films include Daughter of Nepal (2018) and A Thin Wall (2015) - personal narratives from the partition of India, shot on both sides of the India-Pakistan border. Surbhi is also co-founder and producer at Painted Tree Pictures, a New Delhi-based media production company. She is a co-organizer with Video Consortium, Delhi Chapter.

Project Abstract: ‘The Echoes’ (working title) - Creative Documentary, 75 mins

Logline: A historic trade route between Nepal and Tibet, an off-shoot of the Silk Road, comes alive through a rich excavation, retelling and reimagining of the lives of remarkable women who lived through it. 



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Surbhi Dewan
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