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Rowan Glass

Visual Anthropologist

Rowan Glass is an anthropologist, multimedia journalist, writer, and filmmaker from Oregon, USA. His research, reporting, and travels have taken him from Indigenous territories in Colombia and Mexico to primary schools in Senegal, Kurdish restaurants in Greece, and bazaars in Morocco. In all his work, Rowan endeavors to help tell engaging stories about underreported people and places through incisive research and creative endeavors. Whether at a keyboard or behind a camera, at home or in the field, Rowan is always looking for the next chance to apply his skills to both creative and socially impactful ends.

Project Abstract: The Sibundoy Valley is a verdant basin nestled between the Andes mountains and the Amazonian lowlands of southwest Colombia. Ancestral home of the Kamëntšá and Inga peoples, it is also a hotspot of biodiversity. Yet just beneath the valley’s beautiful appearance lies a dark but little-known history of colonialism, dispossession, and ecological devastation. The forthcoming documentary Tabanok attempts to peer into the past to understand how the valley’s Indigenous communities are reshaping themselves and their relations with both settlers and the natural world in the present. Facing the detritus of history and the challenges of the present, how can Tabanok—the Kamëntšá name for the Sibundoy Valley, their “sacred place of origin”—be reclaimed and renewed as a territory of life and no longer one of loss?


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Taragalte Festival, Morocco Image Courtesy Rowan Glass.

Betsknate Image Courtesy Rowan Glass.

Zapatista_ Image Courtesy Rowan Glass.

Rowan Glass
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