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Juan Francisco Donoso

Documentary Filmmaker

Juan (he/him) is a network weaver doing mostly project coordination of audiovisual productions, impact campaigns, public relations, and community outreach. Juan is deeply connected to South America and, since 2011, when he left his home-country Chile, assumed a strong involvement with transnational socio-environmental movements, especially from Berlin, Germany. This is how he has developed narrative strategies & visual storytelling related to the Just Transition, the defense of indigenous territories, and migratory rights, all always looked at from a decolonial perspective with an easy and direct (visual) language.

Project Abstract:

Documentary All We Have Is US (working title) - 65 minutes

Logline: Bojana and Ramón form an unlikely trans-local alliance of sacrifice zones tired of mining greenwashing due to lithium extraction in Serbia and Chile. Gathered in Covas do Barroso, Portugal, where Europe's first lithium mine will be built, they will find ways to reconfigure their activisms to stop abuses by mining companies. Along the way, Bojana and Ramóm organize environmental movements in their own places of origin, understanding that international solidarity is the most powerful tool.


Juan Francisco Donoso
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