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Franklyne Mudulia Manono

Documentary Filmmaker

Credentials: BA in Film Production and Animation from Multimedia University of Kenya, and an MA in Film and Theatre Arts (Film Technology) from Kenyatta University

Brief Bio:

Frank is a documentary filmmaker and visual storyteller with interests in Directing, Cinematography, Lighting, and Video Editing creating visuals that impact change in the society.

Project Abstract: 

Together with Brian Okello Omondi, work on reducing food insecurity among students within a community by designing a rainfall harvesting system which will be used to increase access to nutritious food among students. The project will organize students into groups to train them on food management, better eating habits as well as environmental conservation. Finally, increasing accessibility and availability of food among households, the project target is to utilize the water pans which will be distributed to farmers for irrigation. Farmers will then be organized into groups upon which they will be trained on smart agriculture and how to increase agricultural productivity in climate change society.


Social Media(s):

Franklyne Mudulia | LinkedIn

@king_franciz Franklyne Mudulia Instagram profile

Franklyne Mudulia Manono
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