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Self Authorising Ourselves in Sisterhood. Exploring the vision of Gerda Lerner and Vimala Thakar

After our super interesting webinar with Renata Keller, our participants asked us to form a reading group where we could go deeper into various issues concerning Gerda Lerner's vision, and so we did. We have people signed up to our study group across continents:) Do join us if you couldn't get enough of Renata and you would like to reflect on visionary work in relation to our times and our own selves.

This will happen over possibly 8 weeks (2hrs per week), starting Dec 3 Thursday, 7.30pm ( CET / Swiss time / English spoken).

If you are interested, please get in touch with Eda Elif Tibet : so we will provide you with a zoom link and the reading material.

Themes to be covered:

- The need for knowing one's own history - What does it mean to hold the posture of non-victimisation? - The main points in the creation of patriarchy - The main points in the creation of feminist consciousness - What does real sisterhood mean? - How can social transformation happen?

For now, Renata is sending you a few links and attachments that cover more the thinking and learning of Gerda Lerner. If anyone is interested to get the book "Creation of Patriarchy" as a PDF please let her know.




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