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SAVE THE DATE: 4'th EthnoKino Film Festival "Harvest" (3-6 October)

In 2024 EthnoKino Film Festival's designated theme is "Harvest".

Harvest celebrates abundance and liberty in the broadest sense. Beyond the historical bounty of food and seasonal break from agricultural work, they have evolved to embrace a sense of community and a recognition of diversity. Harvest emphasizes the “local”: agroecology, biodiversity, culture and gastronomy. We look for stories that are deeply cosmopolitan, bohemian, inspired by nonconventional lives of people; creatives, farmers, musicians, writers, chefs, artists, crafts people; connecting the rural with the urban, bringing the local to global.

The festival will also be a platform for exploring the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to a more equitable, just and regenerative world by taking action locally. It consolidates and strengthens a community that is building a nascent green economy that promotes low carbon outputs, resource efficiency and social inclusiveness.


Films can be short to feature, there are no time limits and no rigid rules or terms. We are simply looking for outstanding, groundbreaking, authentic and inspiring examples of storytelling with noble aims and causes. A relation to our designated theme (changes each year) is preferable, but not a must.

The festival will happen in multiple venues across the world:



Mexico City




New Delhi


Dedicated to visionaries and pioneering storytellers across the globe, we are an international action community of practice, working towards systemic change through the power of authentic and meaningful storytelling. Our catalytic home cinema of the commons and commoning film practices intends to co-create a nourishing influential movement for societal cohesion and to enact integral transformation for planetary impact.

Our aim is to explore and publicize critical scholarly and artistic perspectives of various life views and cosmologies through filmic means and, by doing so, to actively contribute to social cohesion, diversity, inclusivity and emancipation within Swiss society and beyond. We believe that independent and authentic storytelling builds solidarity and engages the audience meaningfully as it broadens minds and horizons. We seek to amplify the power of stories by facilitating funding, collaboration and impactful outreach. We support independent and transformative stories to be written, screened and shared to shift behavior and catalyze action. Up until its establishment we have screened more than 250 films and reached out to thousands of audiences. We have given 40 awards of recognition for outstanding filmmakers. We have hosted over 80 valuable guests, including award-winning documentary filmmakers, proclaimed thought leaders and inspiring visionaries. ​

Also consider applying to our Doc Impact Lab for Mov(i)ement Fellows 2025:


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