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Mov(i)ement Fellow Diego Sarmiento's Film gets Special Mention from BerlinAle

Through Rocks and Clouds (Spanish: Raíz, lit. 'Root') is a 2024 Peruvian-Chilean drama film directed by Franco García Becerra and written by Annemarie Gunkel and Alicia Quispe. It stars Quechua-speaker Alberth Merma accompanied by Nely Huayta and Richard Taipe.It is about a shepherd boy who dreams of seeing his country in the 2018 FIFA World Cup while his environment is threatened by pollution from a mining company.

Feliciano is an 8-year-old boy who is in charge of herding sheep. He is accompanied by Ronaldo, a young alpaca, and Rambo, an old dog with whom he can start conversations about football and the national team's matches to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. However, their environment is threatened by a contaminated lake because a mining company wants to take over those lands. One day Ronaldo disappears along with other alpacas, the authorities ignore the requests for help, so Feliciano will seek to find his Ronaldo while the town unites to take action against the company.


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