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What do you see when you look at the world around you? Which story do you choose to see and which story do you miss when you make that choice?

For some, the blink of an eye happens in a fraction of a second, while this can be longer for others. While one person`s attention is captivated by the symmetrical structure of a honeycomb, another person focuses on a human tragedy occurring in the Mediterranean. One might be intrigued by the imagination of archives while another is concerned with the future of our fragile ecologies, our healers or our souls. After almost one year, the EthnoKino collective is pleased to finally welcome you back to the cinema. During our first Film Festival, we invite you to direct your focus towards, and then beyond, these asymmetries to truly see, think and feel. While asymmetries in the world are not inherently problematic, asymmetric power relations are generally troublesome. Through these exceptional films, we will engage with fundamental issues of knowledge and power addressing mental health, mobility, ecology, and much more. Our intention is to visibilize the invisible and showcase each artist's vision for humanity through film and interactive discourse.

This years festival program includes 9 film screenings, EthnoKino Shorts, Masters in Bern (with Tala Hadid) , Vision Talks, a Workshop (With Rama Mani), two concerts (Porok Karpo & Cicek Taksi) and many Q&As and discussions.

Poster Concept & Graphic Design with Animation by one and only Kai Matthiesen

Concept Design & Festival Organisation Team: Nimal Bourloud & Eda Elif Tibet & Livia Schambron & Pavel Borecký


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