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Aktualisiert: 23. Dez. 2023

Berlin based filmmakers Ozlem Sariyildiz and Shubham Sharma during their Q&A.

On the 2nd of December, an inaugural chapter of Ethnokino unfolded in Berlin at the enchanting Lichtblick Kino, our cinematic host in the heart of the city. A tapestry of films, insightful Q&A sessions, visionary talks, and evocative concerts graced during this experience, which concluded on the 6th of December. We're here to share some reflections.

Berlin, a city pulsating with stories, culture, and arts, provided an exquisite backdrop for the resonance of diverse narratives. Our collaboration with Lichtblick Kino, a local gem nestled in the district of Prenzlauer Berg with a dedicated focus on indie cinema, served as the perfect setting for our festival.

Our curated selection delved into themes of the queer community, the climate crisis, and indigenous rights — urgent and resonant topics that stirred a vibrant response from our engaged audience.

The cinema reverberated with the energy of impassioned discussions during Q&A sessions. The festive ambiance, complete with delicious foods, refreshing drinks, and soul-stirring music, enveloped the audience in an immersive journey.

The Iranian stars of the night over a Q&A right after Yalda Yazdanii's film screening "Female Voice of Afghanistan".

A heartfelt appreciation extends to Melike Atmanoglu, the orchestrator of the Berlin edition, Eda Elif Tibet, the visionary founder of EthnoKino , the Ethnokino community, and Lichtblick Kino for their unwavering support. Gratitude is also extended to the University of Bern and the Canton of Bern, steadfast supporters from Ethnokino's hometown, for their invaluable contributions to our cinematic venture.

As the curtains fall on this inaugural Berlin chapter, we carry forward the echoes of stories told, discussions ignited, and connections created. Ethnokino Berlin stands as a testament to the power of cinema to transcend boundaries, ignite dialogue, and cultivate a shared understanding of the world we inhabit. Until the next time, we remain grateful for the collective spirit that breathed life into Ethnokino Berlin.


Story written by Melike Atmanoglu , Photographs and Video by Cihan Elci.


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