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Friday 18 June | 14:00 - 16:15 | Kino in der Reitschule



Tamara Kotevska/Ljubomir Stefanov | Macedonia 2019 | OV Balkan Gagauz Turkish (EN) | 87 min


Hatidze Muratova, living with her ailing mother in an isolated mountain village deep within the Balkans, is one of the last keepers of wild bees in europe. The promise of change by the arrival of a rancher with his family she meets optimistically, offering her brandy and her tried-and-true beekeeping advice to her new neighbour. It doesn’t take long however, before the family’s patriarch develops an interest in selling his own honey. This causes a breach in the natural order that provokes a conflict with Hatidze. The tough and tender portrait exposes the fundamental tension between nature and humanity, harmony and discord, exploitation and sustainability.  


The film screening will be followed by a talk with Sandra Boschert and Barbara Roth (Filme für die Erde)

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