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Sunday 20 June | 14:45 - 15:45 | Lichtspiel Kinemathek + ONLINE

A Journey to the Makonde


Catarina Alves Costa | Mozambique/Portugal 2019 | OV Portuguese (EN) | 57 min


Photographs and films made in colonial Mozambique by the Portuguese ethnographer Margot Dias († 2001) in the 1950s are brought back to Mozambique by the filmmaker. The archive materials become the protagonists of an inner journey among the Makonde people, who gradually unravel the circumstances in which these pictures were shot and produced. The film shows the journey of returning a part of history to its people and to decolonise the archives.

This film screening together with the screening of Northern Travelogues is followed by a Panel Discussion on archive films with Kira Jääskeläinen (Northern Travelogues), Catarina Alves Costa (Journey to the Makonde), Martin Schulz & Martha Cerny (Museum Cerny Bern) and Brigitte Paulowitz (Lichtspiel Kinemathek Bern). We recommend you to watch both films beforehand.



CINEMA: Due to the current protection measures, the number of seats in the Lichtspiel is limited. We ask you to register for the individual films via (film(s), name, phone, number of people)

ONLINE: Over the duration of the Festival 17-20 June it is possible to watch "Northern Travelogues" and "A Journey to the Makonde" also online and to follow the live stream of the panel discussion (June 20, 16:00 - 17:30). Please write a Mail to

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