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Michael Puntiroli


Michael Puntiroli is a researcher based in Switzerland, working on many different projects mainly based on communication techniques, on how to best communicate messages, data and graphs to the general public (and also to the vulnerable portions of the population). I have a massive passion for filmmaking and storytelling. Two short films I made were recently selected for Swiss international film festivals, and I find myself working on scripts a lot of the time. My visual projects and scripts are mostly fiction-based, and I adore dark comedy, psychology, organized crime and romance. 

Project Abstract:

Absorbed is a docudrama that will explore people’s addiction to mobile phones that often gets in the way of their very survival when they cross streets, but more worryingly it kills many possibilities of social interaction, when everybody is entirely absorbed in their own little virtual world. A lonely protagonist is filmed going through their day, looking at other people on the train, on the tram, on the street, everyone stuck to their phones, and the character simply desperate to make eye contact with someone else, to exchange a tiny flicker of connection, of understanding. 


Michael Puntiroli
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