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Starting as a film screening event at the classrooms of UniBern, many have contributed to make EthnoKino what it is today. An ever-shifting space of commoning and contemporary world storytelling through the medium of cinema, EthnoKino is an ever evolving and growing film screening , media and educational programme.


On 2017, the small scaled film screening nights  migrated itself to the big screen of Kino in der Reitshule which allowed to scale up and to reach out to wider publics beyond academia. On 2020, those who remained most involved and engaged with EthnoKino, shaped the infrastructure (website, social medias, relationships and more), the visual and cultural identity and some of it's earliest concepts, dissemination and communications. Then they came together to register EthnoKino as an Association at the city of Bern , and continued to expand their membership.


The Pioneering Co-founding members of the EthnoKino Association are; Livia Schambron, Eda Elif Tibet, Sina Fischer Pavel Borecky and Valentina Shasivari.

Since Autumn 2021 we have two distinguished programmes; the film festival and the seasons

EthnoKino Film Festival: an international community

The Film Festival currently is curated and organized by the co-founding and community members; Dr.Eda Elif Tibet, Cihan Elci, Ama Nyarko Jones , Melike Atmanoglu, Kai Mathiessen, Mahroo Movahedi, Chris Martin, Pooja Bhaale, Senol Sen, Dahvi Shiva,  Inanc Tekguc, Samirah Siddiqui, Nyma Saussser , Maryam Hamdadi, Sarah Keller; whom all are committed towards expanding the film festival to various other countries; Turkey, Morocco, India, Brazil and Germany, establishing worldwide partnerships with filmmakers, visual anthropologists and various other experts. The ethos of expanding EthnoKino's borders towards establishing a de-territorial working group " a community" rather then a collective , are grounded in the vision of establishing a non-competitive yet internationally recognized cinema of the commons that is accessible to people beyond nation states . The de-territorialising initiative, does not aim to make profits and is entirely dedicated to the empowerment of visionary storytellers and visionaries promoting participatory, indigenous, collaborative, innovative, authentic and outstanding cinema examples. Every film that makes it to our screens therefore receives an award of recognition.

Organizing Members and Supporters of the festival:

2023: Eda Elif Tibet, Cihan Elci, Ama Nyarko Jones, Kai Matthiessen, Senol Sen, Inanc Tekguc, Nyma Sauser, Maryam Hamdadi ,Sarah Keller, Mike Poltorak, Kathrin Oester, Dhavi Shiva, Samirah Siddiqui, Kino in der Reitschule Collective.

2022: Eda Elif Tibet, Cihan Elci, Kai Matthiessen, Ama Nyarko Jones, Özgür Deniz, Senol Sen, Inanc Tekguc, Nyma Sauser, Maryam Hamdadi ,Sarah Keller (with the support of Mike Poltorak, Kathrin Oester, Dhavi Shiva, Samirah Siddiqui, Anil Aksoz, Kino in der Reitschule Collective).

2021: Eda Elif Tibet, Livia Schambron and Nimal Bourloud (with the support of Pavel Borecky,Valentina Shasivari, Mirjam Balid, Zoe Beer, Stephy Moozhiyil,Kino in der Reitschule Collective).

EthnoKino Seasons 

EthnoKino Seasons is a bi-weekly program with single screenings and discussions during university terms, organised by a transdisciplinary- non-hierarchical collective of students who aim to question and de-colonize ethnographic representations of anthropology through the means of cinema.


2022-23: Mirjam Balid, Zoë Beer, Nimal Bourloud, Melina Hofer, Jasmine Mattmüller, Thea Masero, Stephy Moozhiyil, Elena Rudin, Gabriella Rullo, Hannah Schaad and Salome Streit.

2021-22: Mirjam Balid, Zoë Beer, Nimal Bourloud, Melina Hofer, Jasmine Mattmüller, Thea Masero, Stephy Moozhiyil, Hannah Schaad,Salome Streit and Laura Villalba.

2020-21: Eda Elif Tibet, Livia Schambron, Valentina Shasivari, Nimal Borloud.

2017-20: Sina Fischer, Pavel Borecký, Livia Schambron, Eda Elif Tibet, Valentina Shasivari, Celine Arnold.

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