Team EthnoKino Collective

Livia Schambron.jpg

Social Anthropology MA,

Video & Radio Journalist,

Film Festival Curator


BA Student of Social

Anthropology at UniBe,

Film Festival Curator

Eda Elif Tibet.jpg

Eda Elif Tibet

Social Anthropology, PhD.Documentary
Filmmaker, TV Presenter,

Postdoctoral Researcher at
Critical Sustainability Unit UniBe

& Visual Anthropologist at Global Diversity Foundation

BA Student of History at UniBe,

Film enthusiast & filmmaker,

Organiser of events and educational training courses,

Livia Schambron

Nimal Bourloud

Hannah Schaad

Many more have contributed a great deal to make EthnoKino possible. A special thanks to our former team members Céline Ariane and Moe Renfer as well as to our loyal friends behind and in front of the bar.


Social & Visual Anthropology MA, Filmmaker, Swiss Excellence
Scholar PhD Candidate
Social Anthropology at UniBe


Social Anthropology BA,
Team Member of the Swiss
Alpine Museum


Valentina Shasivari

Social Anthropology MA,
MA Student at Film Studies

Pavel Borecký

Sina Fischer