The Depth Beneath, The Height Above 

Andrea Bordoli


A sensory exploration of the high alpine region of Robiei, southern Switzerland which focuses on the relationships between the humans, animals, infrastructural and natural elements. 

The Island Business 

Florian Rudolph

How a natural gas project can change communities. A film about the social impacts of an industrial project which never happened by Florian Rudolph.


Katja Egger & Vanessa Hüppin & Helena Heiniger & Nimal Bourloud.

An explorative film about the Lichtspiel Cinematheque in Bern.e. It's easy.

Pizzica nel Salento

Zoe Beer


A work in progress about the traditional music and dance Pizzica in Southern Italy.


Mariusz Bogacki, Sara Oulhadj, Valentina Shasivari, OV E, Greece, 10min, 2018.

A matter of months, a matter of years. The meaning of time and place during the sometimes unpredictable waiting spans in asylum seeking procedures, made visible through a cinépoetic approach. The short-film builds around the encounter between the three filmmakers and the protagonist Obaida, and the day they spent together at Skaramagas Camp (Athens) on his invitation. 


Victor Suarez, 2018, 5 Min.

That is the reality in a country who have past over 6 years of war. Innocent people die and families suffer. This is the testimony of a young man who is now in Greece as a refugee. Him and his family had to escape from a country in war through Turkey and then risk their lives in a boat to greek island.

Koukaki. A Neighbourhood in Transition

Zilan Dalgic, Ismini Gatou, Anni Valajärvi, Greece, 2018, 10 Min.

What does the term gentrification mean, outside its strict formal definition? Can we simply say, there are those who benefit and those who are threatened by it, or is it more complex? Through four different stories of inhabitants from Koukaki, a central neighbourhood in Athens that is currently under an extreme gentrification process, the film tries to examine and unfold the subtle shades that form the bigger image.

Common ground in all their narratives plays “the Airbnb explosion”, that prevails the area. The documentary is an attempt to approach the subject through the locals’ perspective, by following their thoughts and (dis-)agreements, with gentrification always being apparent without being shown, so that these people’s stories and views speak for themselves.


Sophie Krabbe and Rosa Gelardi, Greece, 2018, 8 Min.

Following a mobile laundry service for the homeless in the city of Athens, this short ethnographic film investigates the ambiguous, fluent and contextual nature of notions of 'cleanliness' and 'dirt'. With a focus on circulation and the washing machine as the main character, the film reflects upon complex anthropological notions from everyday life through a small-scale initiative and allows the the investigation of ideas attached to cleanness. Moving with the laundry van on its daily rounds in the city, this film voices the community gathering around the service and gives an insight into the importance attached to elements of normalcy and belonging. With a visual attention to things simultaneously clean and dirty, the film offers insights into cleanliness not only as an idea, a practice and a cultural construction, but also as a need, a meeting point and an access into spheres of normality.


S. Buse Yildirim, Constantinos Diamantis, Malwa Grabowska and Lillian Dam Bracia, 2018, 8 Min.

“Warehouse” is a meditative ethnographic short film. An intimate encounter in the warehouse, a cosmos of objects where carpenter labor happens. The trace of sound in every bit of object can be seen as individuals within a space, where every material has its own texture, smell and acoustic properties. The array of sounds and images confront audiences with the aural and visual textures of the labour and the space itself. The film guides into an sensory experience, through the up-close, intense sonic and visual engagement and a imaginative soundscape composition.

Optakus is a recent multi-sited lab composed by S. Buse Yildirim, Constantinos Diamantis, Malwa Grabowska and Lillian Dam Bracia, exploring the boundaries of experimental and ethnographic filmmaking, extending the sensorial possibilities of sound and image

Strawberry Fields

Simon Frey & Priscilla Rasyid, Romania, 2018, 16 Min.

Set in a small town in the foothill of the Carpathian Mountains, Strawberry Fields tells the story of Romanian single mom, Lenuța. The crosses she bears are heavy, yet she still finds it in her heart to tend to the smallest details and corners of her town. She cares for things big and small, even those others see no value in. 

Her daily routine is about to be disrupted and she must now prepare her son Alex to learn to stand on his own two feet. Leaving is not a choice nor is it giving up. It is a vital risk that Lenuța must take to create a better life for herself and those she cares for.